The Town of Cramerton operates under the Council-Manager form of Government. The structure of Council-Manager Government is similar to that of any large business. The registered voters of the Town elect the Town Board, and the Board then chooses a full-time Manager whose duties compare to those of a corporate General Manager.

Mayoral elections are held every four years and the (5) five Board members are elected to four-year overlapping terms. These elections are non-partisan and are held in odd number years. By law the Board also appoints a Town Attorney and Town Clerk.

The Mayor

The Mayor presides at all meetings of the Board and is recognized as the official head of the Town for all ceremonial purposes. The Mayor votes only in the case of a tie vote by our Town Board.

The Mayor Pro Tem

The Mayor Pro Tem serves in the absence of the Mayor.

The Board of Commissioners

The Town Board acts in a number of ways to provide policies for the Town.

Adoption of Ordinances is the most formal and binding type of Board legislation, a vote of the Board is taken on any Ordinance. Some Ordinances require a pubic hearing to give citizens an opportunity to be heard and must be advertised in a local newspaper.

Resolutions are written legal actions passed by the Board and are less formal than an Ordinance. Resolutions are used in several ways such as to recognize individuals, make requests of other agencies and to commemorate special actions, occasions, or dates.

The Board of Commissioners conducts regular monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
and the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm. All meetings are held in the GM Michael Commission Chamber in the Town Hall.

Meeting Agendas are prepared on the Friday prior to the meeting. Citizen participation is welcome and encouraged. Each meeting features a specific time for citizen comments.