Boards & Committees

Town Boards and Committees:

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please submit submit your application to the Town Clerk at

Board and Committee Application 2017

Town Board of Commissioners

The Town’s Board of Commissioners governs the Town of Cramerton.

Town Board Members:

  • Will Cauthen – Mayor
  • Demetrios Koutsoupias – Mayor Pro Tempore
  • Dixie Abernathy
  • Richard Atkinson
  • Donald Rice
  • Susan Neeley

The Town Board meets the 1st Thursday and 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

Planning Board

The Planning Board is charged with administering land use regulations and land subdivision for the orderly, efficient and economical development of the Town. The Planning Board advises the Town Board on legislation concerning growth and development of the Town.

Planning Board Members:

  • Wil Neumann – Chair
  • Beth Westmoreland – Vice Chair
  • Brad Milton
  • ETJ Member – vacant
  • Zack Horne
  • Diana Carlson – Alternate
  • Jena Goodman – Alternate
  • Joshua Watkins – Staff

The Planning Board meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

Planning and Zoning Board Applications

Board and Committee Application 2017

Zoning Board of Adjustment

The board hears and decides on appeals from and reviews any order, decision and determination made by the Zoning Administrator. The board is empowered to modify the strict requirements of zoning adding flexibility to land use regulations through the exercise of administrative discretion concerning the unique aspects of a given lot, location, or project.

Zoning Board of Adjustment Members

  • Wil Neumann – Chair
  • Beth Westmoreland – Vice Chair
  • ETJ Member – vacant
  • Zack Horne
  • Brad Milton
  • Alternate
  • Diana Carlson – Alternate
  • Joshua Watkins – Staff

The Zoning Board of Adjustment meets the third Tuesday of each month as needed at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

As an advisory body to the Town Board on parks and recreation resources, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board reviews matters pertaining to the planning, development, improvement, equipping and maintenance of recreation facilities and resources of the Town.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Members:

  • Brittany Carey – Chairperson
  • Michael Hehir
  • Emily Leazer
  • James Gaddy
  • Sandra R. Ware
  • Claudia Escobar  – Alternate
  • Kelly Newman – Alternate
  • BOC Liaison – Commissioner Dixie Abernathy
  • Eric Smallwood – Staff

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

Board and Committee Application 2017

ABC Board

Under State Law the ABC Board members are appointed by the Town Board to provide independent oversight and distribution of the proceeds of alcohol sales within the Town of Cramerton.

ABC Board Members:

The ABC Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the conference room at the Cramerton ABC Store located at 4701 South New Hope Road.

Community Committee:

  • Wendy Cauthen
  • Fred Miller
  • Jessica Quinlan
  • Zachary Hooper
  • Riley Lewis
  • Karen Mullis
  • Davin O’Hora
  • Sunny Calhoun  – alternate
  • Olivia Smallwood – alternate
  • BOC Liaison – Commissioner Susan Neeley
  • Mayor Cauthen

The Community Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Please visit “Forms and Downloads” under the ‘Residents’ tab to view information regarding the Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Lifetime Citizen Award, and Citizen of the Year Award information.






Individuals interested in seeking an appointment to a Town of Cramerton board or Committee shall comply with this appointment process. Town boards and Committees may be created by action of the Town Board of Commissioners. The applicant should consult the enabling document that created the Board or Committee in which the applicant is interested, to obtain the terms and conditions for the appointment. The following is the Appointment Process for Town boards and Committees.

APPLICATION– An application form is required to be submitted prior to appointment to a Board or Committee. The form may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office or by accessing the Town of Cramerton web page. Resume or letters of recommendation may be attached, and the entire form must be completed, including the applicant’s signature.

  1. Background Review/Verification – Information submitted on the application may be subject to verification by staff as determined by the Town Manager or at the request of the Town Board.
  2. Residency Requirement – Town residency may be required to serve on a particular Board or Committee. The applicant should consult the enabling document to ensure that they meet the qualifications for serving on the Board or Committee in which he or she has an interest.
  3. Submission of Application – Completed, signed applications are to be submitted to the Office of the Town Clerk, 155 North Main Street, Cramerton, NC 28032.

Board and Committee Application 2017

NOTIFICATION OF VACANCY OR EXPIRATION OF TERM – Town staff assigned to assist the Boards and Committees will immediately advise the Town Clerk of the resignation, removal, termination, or expiration of any term of office of any Board or Committee member. Copies of all letters of resignation will be forwarded to the Clerk for inclusion in the appropriate file.

  1. Upon being notified of a vacancy, the Town Clerk will advise the Town Board.
  2. The Town Clerk’s Office will post a notice of the vacancy on the Town’s web page for Boards and Committees, as well as the main bulletin board in Town Hall.


APPOINTMENT BY TOWN BOARDS – Official will submit current application to the Town Clerk’s Office for listing on the Town Commission Agenda for formal action, if necessary.

  1. Application shall include applicant’s name, specific Board or Committee, date of term expiration, if applicable, and whether the action is for appointment or re-appointment.

Following approval, the Town Clerk will process a Certificate of Appointment and contact appointee for administration of the Oath of Office if necessary. The Clerk will post updated information to the Town’s web page as well as the Boards and Committees Roster.


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