I. Policies Governing Use of Facilities

A.  General Policy Statement:  The community centers, parks and other facilities operated by the Cramerton Parks and Recreation Department are established by law for public recreation purposes.   These facilities shall be used by the Recreation Department and secondarily for activities of community groups brought under control of the Recreation Department when conducted under permit.  Permits may be granted to groups to conduct activities at the facilities provided the facilities are not otherwise required by the Recreation Department and provided such activities are conducted in accordance with departmental policies and local ordinances.

B.  Rules and Regulations Governing Use of Facilities

1.  No outside group activities may be held at any time interfering with regular recreation programs.

2.  Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed on any facilities of the Recreation Department.

3.  Refreshments may be sold in conjunction with activities held provided a Privilege License is secured from the Town Planning Department or unless otherwise prohibited by lease agreements.

4.  A set time for decorating must be obtained from each building supervisor.  All decorations or other equipment must be removed immediately following use of the building.

5.  Departmental policy prohibits custodians from cleaning buildings for groups when janitorial service is not requested on application.

6.  Any damage to property must be repaired and group visiting facility must replace any loss.

7.  Groups granted reservations of facilities must comply with the building rules regarding smoking, closing hours, etc.

8.  Groups using the facility for all public dances must pay to hire security personnel.

9.  Rental includes use of tables and chairs at the facility.  Any additional tables and chairs are the responsibility of person requesting reservation.

10.  Users may not sell or offer for sale any goods or merchandise whatsoever within parks or recreational facilities owned by the Town, unless permission is first obtained from the Town Manager.

11.  Games of chance are prohibited. This does not apply to the awarding of prizes when there is no charge for participation.

12.  Activities shall normally cease at 10:00 PM unless otherwise stated on the application.

13.  Athletic Fields:  If lights are turned on, teams pay for use of the field.  The team will be given a new date without charge provided an official game was not played.

14.  All facility reservations for the next calendar year will not be accepted before December 15th of the current year.

15.  Reservation Application must be signed by persons eighteen (18) years or older.  The person signing the reservation application shall be responsible for the conduct of the group in compliance with the rules and regulations of the facility.

16.  Recreation Department employees shall be allowed entry to the rented facilities without charge when such entry is necessary in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

17.  No Town owned equipment shall be removed from premises except by Town forces.  The equipment will be used only in Town owned facilities or facilities of another governmental unit.

18.  Reservation fees will not be refunded.

19.  Reservations are subject to cancellation at the will of the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.



Section 18. Tobacco Use Policy  (personnel manual)

It shall be a violation of this policy for any person to use tobacco products inside any building or facility or portion thereof a building or facility now or hereafter owned, leased, operated, occupied, managed or controlled by the Town. The Town Manager has the authority to designate a smoking area, as deemed necessary.

Tobacco use may be prohibited in all Town owned, leased or rented vehicles being used to conduct business at the discretion of the Department Head and Town Manager. However, tobacco use is prohibited in all Town owned leased or rented vehicles being used to conduct Town business when owned, leased or rented vehicles when transporting members of the general public or when one person riding in the vehicle is in opposition to another passenger using tobacco products.

Tobacco use may be permitted outside on land owned or leased to the Town and outside of Town buildings, except as restricted by written rule of the Town Manager or by declaration of the Gaston County Fire Marshall.

Parks and Recreation Tobacco Free Policy:

All parks and recreation facilities and grounds will be tobacco free. Any person using tobacco products on recreational grounds will be in violation of this policy.














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