Youth Sports Draft Rules & Regulations

Youth Sport Draft Rules & Regulations

  1. Coaches will draw a number and that will be their place in the first round of the draft.  Each round the numbers will reverse.  Ex. 1st round (1-6), 2nd round (6-1), 3rd round (1-6), and so on.
  2. The Head Coach must declare his assistant coach at the Coaches meeting. The head coach’s and the assistant coach’s kids will automatically be put on team before the draft starts. If a coach does not have a kid or an assistant coach they will be given an equal number of picks before draft order will begin.
  3. If a player is picked and they have a sibling that is playing in the same age group, the coach must take the other sibling and it counts as the next draft pick.
  4. Each player will be given a number so the coaches can distinguish one from the other.  A list with the number and players’ name will be given to each coach before the skill assessment begins.
  5. After or during the skill assessment, the draft picking can begin. There will be a time limit of one hour for the skills assessment. After the assessment kids will be allowed to leave. Coaches will then have 1 minute for each pick until the draft is concluded.
  6.  Players will be individually assessed. They will be assessed on the certain skills for each sport.
  7. Team names and colors will be picked at the coaches meeting.
  8. The Athletic Supervisor will rule on any controversial event.
  9. Cheerleading, 3-4 Soccer and Basketball, and T-ball will be chosen by blind draft through the same process.

The purpose of the draft is to try to make teams even and promote good competition.  Please be fair and just with your conduct. Thank you for your time.


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