Waiting List Rules/ All Sports

Waiting List Rules / All Sports

Registration deadlines are set for each sport and will be adhered to. There will be no extension of deadlines. No exceptions will be made for anyone who misses registration deadlines. Late registrations will be taken with the understanding that the participant will be placed on a WAITING LIST for that sport.

Any participant assigned to the waiting list will be permitted to play only under the following circumstances:

a.         Participants will be added from the waiting list before the draft in order to equal the number of players on teams, starting with the first child on the list for the league. All Cramerton residents added to waiting list will have priority over non-residents on the waiting list.

b.         Adding participants after the draft from the waiting list will only take place when teams get below the minimum number of players plus 2 to play.


Baseball – 9 players + 2 = 11 (team must be below 11 to add from waiting list)

Soccer – 8 players + 2 = 10 (team must be below 10 to add from list)

Basketball – 5 players + 2 = 7 (team must be below 7 to add from list)

c.           Players that are assigned from the waiting list will be assigned according to the order of registration beginning with the earliest registered child placed on waiting list. Coaches must notify the ATHLETIC Supervisor if their team falls below the minimum number-plus 2 players and then the director will follow guidelines for adding a player from the waiting list. To receive a player from the waiting list the team must lose a player for the remainder of the season.

There will be no adding from the waiting list without the approval of the Athletic Supervisor!!


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