The Recreation Department encourages anyone who is interested in being a positive force in a child’s life to contact the Athletic Director and fill out a coaching application. We request that the application be submitted at the beginning of registration.


The Recreation Department requires every individual interested in becoming a coach to submit a copy of his/her Driver’s License or State Issued Photo Identification and complete a coaching application form available in our recreation office.  A background check will be processed for all applicants.  This procedure is in place to protect participants from individuals who may be unsuitable as a coach.


After applications have been submitted, coaches will be selected from the qualified applicants. Priority for vacant coaching positions are as follows:

Returning coaches from same division with a favorable rating

Returning coaches from another division with a favorable rating

New Applicants


The Recreation Department will make an effort to provide individuals with the information and training necessary to become an effective coach.  When possible, books, videos, and other training aids will be made available to coaches.  Prior to the start of a season, a mandatory coaches’ clinic will be held for all coaches.

Expectations of a Coach

The Recreation Department has only three expectations from its coaches. (1) Be a positive role model (2) Make the game enjoyable for all players.  (3) Teach your players the best you can.

 Being a Positive Role Model

At all times, keep the game in perspective.  This is a recreation program intended to promote positivity and to teach the fundamentals of sport.

No tobacco products, of any kind, are allowed while attending to your coaching responsibilities.

Any coach found to be under the influence, or in the possession, of alcohol or illegal substances on the premises will be terminated immediately.

Any coach displaying un-sportsman-like or undesirable behavior by either his/her action on the team bench or at practice shall be subject to release of all coaching responsibilities.

The behavior of all assistants, players, and parents is the responsibility of the head coach.

If it is found that a coach has willfully discouraged a player from participating in the league, or is otherwise involved in activities that are deemed detrimental, damaging, or against the best interest of the players or the league, he/she shall be subject to immediate dismissal.

Any coach who is ejected from a game by an official shall be suspended for the next two (2) games.  A second offense shall warrant the removal of the coach from the league.

Any coach appointed by the Cramerton Recreation Department may be suspended or expelled for willful infractions of the rules and/or policies, including, but not limited to any acts deemed disorderly, injurious, or hostile to the objectives set forth by the Cramerton Recreation Department.

Making the Game Enjoyable for All Players

It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that all players receive their required amount of playing time as set forth in the league rules.  If a coach is found to be deliberately denying any of the players their time, he/she will be subject to sanction by the league.

It is important that each player feel as important to the team as any other player. All players should get a fair opportunity at practice, regardless of their skill level.

Teaching Players as Best You Can

The Recreation Department, The Recreation Director, and the Athletic Director are knowledgeable about the sports that are offered; ask questions if you are unsure about a rule, need a suggested drill, or need any help to run a practice.  We are here to assist you.

The recreation department also maintains in lending videos, books, and manuals to aid you in becoming a knowledgeable coach.

Youth Sports Coaches are not expected to know everything about the sport that they are coaching; they are only to try to teach what they know and develop their knowledge as well as their players’ knowledge.

Coaches’ Responsibilities

Attend officially scheduled meetings.

Communicate with parents and players about game and practice times as well as special events such as team pictures and other updated information from the league.

Participate in all league activities.

Abide by all league rules.

Support the policies and procedures set forth by the Cramerton Recreation Department.

Head coach is responsible for the care of all league issued equipment and its return at the end of the season. For any equipment not returned, the head coach will be charged with the cost for its replacement.

Prior to each game (10 minutes), an official line-up is to be given to the official scorer (if applicable).

It is the responsibility of the head coach to report, in writing, any injury that required medical attention within 24 hours of the incident. If the player will be unable to play in a game because of injury, it must be reported to the official scorer, the opposing team, and the Athletic Supervisor prior to the start of the game.

 Volunteer Application Forms:

PYS Authorization Form

Coach Application

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