ETJ Areas Relinquished

The Town of Cramerton has relinquished a portion of the ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction) to Gaston County which consists of approximately 777 parcels of land outside the municipal corporate limits effective December 31st 2012. The relinquished area consists of 618 acres and contains approximately 621 residential structures and 6 businesses.

The Town is reducing its ETJ in order for Gaston County to provide all land use planning services such as zoning, minimum housing enforcement, and building inspections.  The Town will maintain those areas along strategic corridors or gateways into the Town and areas where municipal services can easily be provided.

State law enacted in the 1950s, when few counties regulated land use, was designed to give towns a hand in the development of areas that might become urban and need municipal services in the future. Cramerton established its ETJ in the 1970s. It was expanded in the 1980s, shortly before Gaston County put zoning regulations into place.

The Town of Cramerton and Gaston County worked closely to assure new County zoning is consistent with the zoning currently in place by the Town. State law gives a County 60 days to zone land when a municipality relinquishes its ETJ rights.

The below maps show the areas to be relinquished.

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